Enhanced Services

Buyers and sellers are uniting. Simple eTools create connectivity. Transactions process electronically. Instantly, the hassles of phone and fax orders disappear. Trading partners are reaping savings and efficiencies once unimaginable.

We encourage you to enlist as our ePartner. We have a number of e-Business solutions to meet your individual needs. Freely, we will lend our e-Business expertise to help you get started. Together, we can streamline the supply chain actualising a shared commitment to contain healthcare costs for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Benefits are just a click away.


Imagine reducing expenses
It’s a fact: e-Business cuts cycle time between order entry and delivery. Depending on the size of your institution and existing level of e-Business sophistication, you could realise substantial savings. Less inventory means less money tied up on stock room shelves.

More time to bank
As much as 40% of buyer time and 68% of accounts payable time is dedicated to manual processing of transactions.*

Experience significant reductions in unproductive work and redeploy resources to more value-added activities:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Payment term management

Picture less paper to shuffle
e-Business eliminates the paper chase. No forms. No faxes. No filing. Misplaced purchase orders and invoices are a thing of the past. Order and invoice history by product, by location, and by price is at your fingertips – not in a file drawer.

* Source: The Value of e-Business in the Healthcare Supply Chain, Arthur Andersen LLP, June 2001.


Cut the rework
As much as 35% of procurement transactions result in errors that require rework.* An integrated e-Business solution can reduce errors and rework yielding improved order, invoice, and payment accuracy. Improved transaction accuracy translates into time and cost savings for your organisation.

You can check order status within an hour of order entry, which allows for early detection and remedy of potential entry errors.

Reduce frustration and follow-up
With an e-Business solution you’ll enjoy easy access to complete transaction information including the following:

  • Order status and history
  • Current contract pricing
  • Product information
  • Invoice history and account balances

 * Source: The Value of e-Business in the Healthcare Supply Chain, Arthur Andersen LLP, June 2001.


The personal touch
Baxter experts are on call to make eCommerce simple and problem free. Our eTeam consultants are here to help: 

  • Assess needs and technology requirements for your perfect eSolution
  • Tailor a logistics solution that optimises your material management
  • Support your personnel or IT vendors during implementation
  • Ensure transactions adhere to established policies
  • Train your personnel
  • Test and refine your transactions for validity and completeness
  • Troubleshoot glitches, if they occur
  • Keep you in step with eTrends

Your workstation: A self-help centre
Depending on which eSolution you choose, you can access answers to your questions about:

  • Product features and prices
  • Order status
  • Order history and buying patterns
  • Account balances


We believe your satisfaction with e-Business is guaranteed.


  • eSolution tools are easy to implement and use
  • Process efficiencies enable labour redeployment
  • Information-based decision making makes procurement more of a science than an art
  • Order entry can be decentralised without sacrificing order management control
  • Orders can be placed at your convenience giving you maximum flexibility

Enhanced Services

Baxter offers a variety of enhanced services like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Customer Self Service and Ward delivery options.