Baxter Healthcare Pty Ltd services customers and home patients throughout Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). From densely populated metropolitan areas, to rural and country areas through to the remotest and most locations - if a delivery is required there, Baxter has the logistical infrastructure to provide it in a timely manner.

The bulk of Baxter's deliveries are sterile fluids. These products are relatively heavy, generally used in substantial quantities, and are used in critical therapies. Quite often, these products are required urgently and to provide such availability, Baxter has established Distribution Centres throughout ANZ.

Baxter has a fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles servicing the metropolitan areas and formed strategic alliances with quality transport companies for intrastate and interstate distribution. The quality of our distribution and delivery services are monitored and documented as the foundation for the continuous improvement.

All Distribution Centres operate state of the art warehouse management systems that provide real time processing with world class accuracy.

The volumes that are moved through the supply chain by Baxter Distribution are unprecedented in our industry. Each year we handle over 2,000 full sea container movements, ship 800,000 line items to customers that represents 45 million shipping units and over 160,000 orders.

To support this, we have over 26,000 square metres of warehouse space nationally that has a capacity of over 23,600 pallets.